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Vehicle Symptom Check

Fix your vehicle by first diagnosing your vehicle symptoms. View this helpful list of odd vehicle behaviors, and find the right words to describe your car or truck problem. When you're done, let Helwig Auto Clinic LLC put your vehicle back into perfect running condition.

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To Fix a Car or Truck, First Diagnose Your Vehicle Symptoms

Tell Us What You're Hearing

At Helwig Auto, our professional technicians want to make sure your vehicle is fixed right the first time. Just like when you visit your doctor, communication is an important part of the diagnosis process. The more you can tell us about your vehicle's recent "behavior," the better.

Boom  A sound like a drum roll or distant thunder 
Buzz A low-pitched sound, like a bee
Chatter Rapidly repeating metallic sound 
Chirp High-pitched, rapidly repeating sound, like a chirping bird 
Click  A light sound, like a ballpoint pen being clicked
Clunk  A metal-to-metal sound, like a hammer striking steel
Grind An abrasive sound, like a grinding stone
Hiss  Like air escaping from a balloon 
Hum Like a wire humming in the wind
Knock Like a knock on the door 
Rattle A sound like marbles rolling around in a can 
Roar Deep, prolonged sound like high winds or ocean waves
Rumble Low, heavy, continuous sound like thunder
Squeak  A sound like rubbing a clean window 
Tap A crisp, dull sound, like tapping your finger on a table 
Whine A high-pitched sound, like an electric motor or drill 
Whistle  Sharp, shrill sound like wind passing through a small opening

Now Tell Us When You Hear It

  • How fast were you traveling when the noise occurred?
  • What was the weather like? (e.g., heavy rain, etc.)

Does Your Car or Truck Make the Noise When Any of the Following Occur?

  • Turning in either direction while moving? (Yes or No)
  • If Yes, turning the steering wheel to the (Left, Right, or Both)?
  • You're braking? (Yes or No)
  • You're accelerating? (Yes or No)
  • If Yes, what type of acceleration (Normal, Hard, or Both)?
  • The A/C or heat was (On or Off)?
  • The car or truck is parked/idling (Yes or No)?
  • The vehicle is parked and you are turning the steering wheel to the (Left, Right, or Both)?

Other Symptoms - Vehicle . . .

  • Misses or runs rough
  • Hesitates or backfires
  • Engine stalls or dies
  • Is sluggish/low on power, but not rough
  • Is hard to start, but cranks okay
  • Engine cranks, but won't start
  • Stalls after starting
  • Fluid leaks (green, reddish, black, brownish, or clear)
  • Exhaust smokes excessively (blue/grey, black, or white)
  • Rapidly consumes (gas, oil, or both)
  • Shakes or vibrates ... felt through (steering wheel, seat, brake pedal)

Other Vehicle Symptoms - It Does It When. . .

  • Engine is (cold, lukewarm, or fully warmed up)
  • I've driven about ______ miles
  • Engine is being started
  • Just after engine has started
  • I'm driving at about _____ mph
  • Accelerating (hard or normal)
  • Decelerating to a stop (hard or normal)
  • Going up a hill
  • Turning (left, right, or both ways)
  • Other:

Fix your car or truck today by calling Helwig Auto Clinic LLC and share your vehicle's symptoms with us! You can reach us several ways to make an appointment. You can schedule an appointment online to fix your vehicle, call (608) 437-5112, or stop in an schedule in person.

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